Faculty Advisory Board for Policy Development

The Faculty Advisory Board for Policy Development was officially chartered in 2013.  The board serves as a vehicle for faculty to provide guidance and input into policies related to research compliance and integrity at George Mason University.  The board consists of faculty members nominated by the Faculty Senate as well as faculty serving as representatives for each college on campus and faculty serving as subject matter experts.  The Vice President for Research appoints the Faculty Advisory Board for Policy Development.

Faculty Advisory Board Bylaws

Current Committee Membership List:

  • Carl Botan, Communication, Faculty Senate appointee
  • Kenneth Button, Schar School of Policy & Government appointee
  • Leslie Dwyer, School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution appointee
  • Cortney Hughes Rinker, Sociology & Anthropology, CHSS appointee
  • Richard Klimoski, Management & Psychology, School of Business appointee
  • Kathryn Laskey, C4I Center/SEOR, VSE appointee
  • Holly Matto, Social Work, CHHS appointee
  • Zachary Schrag, History & Art History, subject matter expert
  • Linda Seligmann, Sociology & Anthropology, Faculty Senate appointee
  • Suzanne Slayden, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Faculty Senate appointee
  • William Wren, Computer Game Design, College of Visual & Performing Arts appointee
  • James Willett, Biochemistry & Bioinformatics, COS appointee
  • Shahron Williams van Rooij, GSE, CEHD appointee


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