Advisory Board for Export Compliance

The Advisory Board for Export Compliance was officially chartered in 2014.  The board serves as a vehicle for planning, input, and guidance related to the export and sanctions compliance programs at George Mason University.  The board consists of ex officio members with responsibilities related to this program as well as a faculty member nominated by the Faculty Senate and faculty from colleges impacted by this program.  The Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity & Assurance appoints the Faculty Advisory Board for Policy Development.

Bylaws – Advisory Board for Export Compliance


Current Committee Membership:

Dimitrios Iannou – Faculty Senate Representative

Joel Schnur – COS Representative

Judith Green – Ex officio (OIPS)

Justin Brown – COS Representative

Kenneth Hintz – VSE Representative

Linda Harber – Ex officio (Human Resources/Payroll)

Mark Pullen – VSE Representative

Michael Hieb – VSE Representative

Mike Laskofski – Ex officio (Research)

Rebecca Hartley – Ex officio (ORIA)

Solon Simmons – S-CAR and Global Representative

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