COI Management & Oversight Options

Investigators with potential financial conflicts of interest may need to complete a management plan, contact for additional information.

This page provides suggested options for investigators to consider when developing proposed management plans for financial conflicts of interest.

Management options

  • Investigator serving for the outside organization while another faculty member serves as PI for the university (who has no oversight from the conflicted investigator)
  • Modification/severance/divestiture/restructuring of financial interest
  • Reduction of financial interest
  • Public disclosure of relationship(s) at all presentations and when submitting publications
  • For research projects involving human subjects, disclosure of financial conflicts of interest directly to human subjects
  • Exclusion of investigator from all business transactions between the university and the organization in which the financial interest is held
  • Use of third-party for all negotiations between the university and the organization in which the financial interest is held
  • Removal of the investigator from all purchasing decisions
  • Reducing the percentage of the investigator’s contract to accommodate the outside interest
  • Placing the outside interest in a blind trust

Oversight options

  • Monitoring of research by an independent reviewer or review panel
  • Monitoring research by an administrative agent (such as a representative of the Dean’s office)
  • Disqualification of investigator from participation in part of the research that interacts with the outside organization in which the investigator holds a financial interest (project separation monitored)

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