Do I need to submit a COI Disclosure?

As a University employee and therefore an employee of the Commonwealth of Virginia, you are required to disclose the following items:

1 – Personal Interests in contracts or transactions with George Mason University. A Personal Interest means a financial benefit or liability of an employee, or Immediate Family member, if such benefit or liability is included in one of the categories outlined below:

a. Ownership interest in a business which exceeds three percent (3%) of the equity of the business;

b. Annual income that exceeds, or may reasonably be anticipated to exceed, $5,000 from ownership in property or in a business;

c. Salary or benefits paid by a business or governmental agency which exceeds, or may reasonably be anticipated to exceed, $5,000 annually

d. Ownership of real or personal property which exceeds $5,000;

e. Liability incurred or assumed on behalf of a business, which exceeds three percent (3%) of the asset value of the business; OR

f. An option for ownership of a business or real or personal property if the ownership interest will consist of clause (a) or (d) above.

You are obligated to disclose all Personal Interests with businesses or entities that contract or transact business with George Mason University whether or not you are personally involved in the contract or transaction.

2 – Significant Financial Interests related to your institutional responsibilities if you serve, or plan to serve, on a proposal for federal funding. You must disclose your Significant Financial Interests and those of your spouse and dependent children that reasonably appear to be related to your institutional responsibilities:

i. With regard to any publicly traded entity, a SFI exists if the value of any remuneration received from the entity in the twelve months preceding the disclosure certification and the value of any equity interest in the entity as of the date of disclosure certification, when aggregated, exceeds $5,000. For purposes of this definition, remuneration includes salary and any payment for services not otherwise identified as salary (e.g., consulting fees, honoraria, paid authorship);  equity interest includes any stock, stock option, or other ownership interest, as determined through reference to public prices or other reasonable measures of fair market value;

ii. With regard to any non-publicly traded entity, a SFI exists if the value of any remuneration received from the entity in the twelve months preceding the disclosure, when aggregated, exceeds $5,000, or when the Investigator and/or the Investigator’s spouse or dependent children) hold any equity interest (e.g., stock, stock option, or other ownership interest); or

iii. Intellectual property rights and interests (e.g., patents, copyrights), upon receipt of income related to such rights and interests.

3 – Instructional and research faculty must comply with the requirements of the Faculty Handbook to disclose outside employment. Outside employment that requires approval should be disclosed here. Administrative faculty and staff must comply with University Policy 2227: Outside Employment, and seek and receive approval for outside employment with their immediate supervisor prior to engaging in any such employment.

4 – All University employees are also required to disclose if their spouse or other Immediate Family member works at Mason.