Human Subjects SOPs

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1.1 IRB administration
1.1.1. Definitions 1.1.2. Training 1.1.3. Conflicts of Interest 1.1.4 Communication

1.2. Discipline/ Study Type Specific Policies
1.2.1. Histories, Case Studies, Investigative Journalism 1.2.2. Drug and device studies 1.2.3. Existing Data 1.2.4. Biobanking and specimen/data repositories

1.3. Special Research Circumstances
1.3.2. International Research 1.3.3. Research in schools 1.3.4. Certificates of Confidentiality and Privacy Certificates 1.3.5. Classroom projects 1.3.6. Collaborative Research 1.3.7. Research conducted on GMU campus by outside entities 1.3.8. Deception 1.3.9. Department of Defense Research

1.4. Special Populations and Sensitive Topics
1.4.1. Research involving children 1.4.2. Research involving pregnant women 1.4.3. Research involving prisoners 1.4.4. Research involving other vulnerable populations 1.4.5. College Students as Research Participants 1.4.6. Research involving sensitive topics

1.5. Non-compliance and complaints
1.5.1. Noncompliance and deviations 1.5.2. Research Participant Complaints 1.5.3. Suspension/termination of IRB review

1.6. IRB administrative procedures
1.6.1. Full Board meeting 1.6.2. IRB minute taking and storage of minutes

2.1 Protocol submission and review
2.1.1. Types of ORIA/IRB decisions 2.1.2. Study intake and triage 2.1.3. Verification of no material changes from other sources 2.1.4 Reliance agreements

2.2. Informed Consent
2.2.1. Informed Consent, Assent, Parental Permission and Documentation 2.2.2. Waivers of informed consent and waivers of documentation of informed consent

2.3. Participant Recruitment
2.3.1. Recruitment 2.3.2. Providing incentives to participants

2.4. Application Submission Procedures
2.4.1. Submitting a human subjects research project for review

2.5. Review Procedures
2.5.1. Full Board Review 2.5.2. Expedited and Exempt Review 2.5.3. Non-human subjects research review procedures

2.6. Post Review Procedures
2.6.1. Continuing Review 2.6.2. Project Completion/Project Close-Out Procedures2.6.3. Appeals of an IRB Decision 2.6.4. Modifications/Amendments 2.6.5. Unanticipated Problem/Adverse Event Reporting 2.6.6. Post-Approval Monitoring and Education Visits

3.0 Other George Mason University Information
FERPA Regulations Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Information about registering a study on the Clinical Trials website