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Office of Research and Innovation Initiatives AND Office of Research Integrity and Assurance (ORIA)

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Mailing Address:

George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MS 6D5
Fairfax, VA 22030

Located At

Research Hall
Suite 141
Fairfax Campus

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Patricia King
Office Manager
(703) 993-5445

Research Involving Humans (including IRB review)

Sarah Clark, CIP
Director, Human Research Protection Program
Phone: 703-993-6801
Fax: 703-993-9590

Kim Paul, CIP
Senior IRB Compliance Specialist
Phone: 703-993-4208

Michelle Wallerstedt Hodge
IRB Compliance Specialist
Phone: 703-993-9628
Fax: 703-993-9590

Haley Lint
IRB Compliance Specialist
Phone: 703-993-4121
Fax: 703-993-9590

Research Involving Animals (IACUC)

Catrina King, VMD, PhD, DACLAM
Attending Veterinarian
(703) 993-3568

David Myers, CPIA
Manager, Animal Care Program
Phone: 703-993-6118

Nathan Katlein
Animal Facility Supervisor
Phone: 703-993-7996

Export Compliance

Melissa Perez, JD
Associate Director, Export Compliance and Secure Research
Phone: 703-993-5522

Josh Schiefer, CISSP
Export Compliance and Secure Research IT Security Program Manager
Phone: 703-993-5813

Zack Machuga
Research Compliance Specialist
Phone: (703) 993-6394

Conflict of Interest

Chris DiTeresi, PhD
Director, Research Integrity
Phone: 703-993-6409

Karen Montgomery
Research Integrity Compliance Specialist
Phone: 703-993-2766

Responsible Conduct of Research

Chris DiTeresi, PhD
Director, Research Integrity
Phone: 703-993-6409

Maureen Ashbrock
Research Integrity Project Manager
Phone: 703-993-6799