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OFAC Issues Cuba Travel Restrictions

The US government has revoked several broad authorizations and imposed additional conditions related to travel to Cuba by US persons:

  • US persons must now apply for and receive specific permission (a license) to¬†organize or attend professional meetings or conferences in Cuba.
  • OFAC has eliminated the general authorization that formerly permitted US persons to organize or participate in public performances, clinics, workshops, and many types of athletic and non-athletic competitions and exhibitions in Cuba.
  • Persons permitted to travel to Cuba under the various authorizations that remain in the regulation are prohibited from lodging, paying for lodging, or making any reservation for or on behalf of a third party to lodge at any property the US government identifies on its new “Cuba Prohibited Accommodations List (the CPA).” This prohibition includes travel in connection with permissible educational activities. It does not make illegal any transactions that were formerly authorized and that were initiated prior to the date a property is officially added to the CPA.

Note: The general license permitting full time professional research in Cuba is still valid, but complying with the terms of that authorization is challenging.  If you plan to conduct research in Cuba, please consult with us well in advance of your intended travel date.

The new restrictions became effective on September 24, 2020.

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