The RCR Lab serves as a resource for the Mason community as it cultivates a responsible and connected ethical culture of research.

George Mason is a rapidly-growing public university thriving in a complex and evolving research landscape. The RCR Lab works with researchers and research units across campus to identify and address ethical challenges and to develop Mason’s institutional capacity to foster responsible conduct of research.

Core Activities

The RCR lab collects and curates RCR resources for use by the Mason community and serves as a hub for RCR activities and information on campus.
As a large public university, Mason has multiple, local research cultures. The RCR Lab works to better connect and integrate these cultures by fostering and facilitating across-unit interactions and multi-unit activities around ethics and integrity.
As standards of research ethics and integrity continue to evolve, research institutions must actively maintain the capacity to meet these standards reliably.  To this end, the RCR Lab characterizes, tracks, and studies a variety of RCR practices and settings across campus.
The RCR Lab promotes exemplary research practices by working with the Mason community to identify, recognize, and share exemplars of responsible and ethical research at Mason.

Our Team