Export Control

February 2022 Sanctions on Russia, Belarus, and several regions of Ukraine

In late February 2022, Eastern European political tensions intensified with the invasion of the Russian military into Ukrainian territory. Many international authorities have widely condemned these actions and have responded by issuing new sanctions with the intent to deter further escalation.  The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia, Belarus, and several regions of Ukraine, and on a number of companies and individuals.

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On February 21, the White House issued an Executive Order that imposed comprehensive economic sanctions against the Donetsk (DNR) and Luhansk (LNR) regions of Ukraine. These areas are the easternmost regions of Ukraine, and were newly recognized as independent states by President Putin – coinciding with motivations to bring under the Russian government’s sphere of influence. This means that U.S. persons, and parties physically located in the United States, are now prohibited from exporting or importing any goods, services, or technology to these regions or to individuals in these regions. It also limits the facilitation of financial transactions.

On February 24, the United States then issued new economic sanctions and export controls against Russia in order to limit the ability to acquire advanced technologies. These controls apply broadly to a wide range of items including semiconductors, telecommunication, encryption security, lasers, sensors, navigation, avionics and maritime technologies.  The U.S. Government has expanded the export licensing requirements for Russia and has instituted a presumption of denial for these license requests.

On March 2, the restrictions levied against Russia were also expanded to include Belarus.

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