Submit a Human Subjects Application

Submit a Human Subjects Application

Note: All human subjects related documents are to be submitted through our online protocol management system IRBNet.  All forms may be found within IRBNet.  A description of the different application documents available may be found below.


Submit a New Human Subjects Application

  • Application Form
    • Addendum A: Research with minors
    • Addendum B: Research with prisoners
    • Addendum C: Research with pregnant women, fetuses, and neonates
    • Addendum D: FDA regulated drugs
    • Addendum E: FDA regulated device
    • Addendum F: Deception
    • Addendum G: Audio or videotape
    • Addendum H: Other potentially vulnerable populations
    • Addendum I: International study sites
    • Addendum J: Additional team members [/expand]
  • IRB Checklist – Checklist to assist with ensuring all necessary materials are included with IRB application.
  • Existing data form—If you are conducting research on pre-existing data, please submit this form instead of one of the application forms above.
  • Human Subjects Research Determination Form—If you are an experienced applicant, you may use this form for a self-evaluation or to obtain a letter from ORIA indicating that a project that is not research based on the federal definition or does not involve human subjects based on the federal definition. Instructions and definitions are included on the form.

As you review the application material on this page, you may encounter terms with which you are unfamiliar.  Please check the glossary of terms for definitions.  If you still have a question about a term used that is not answered on the glossary page, please e-mail